Current and continuing students: the financial information for the upcoming school year can be found on the portal at

NNU First-Time Freshman Scholarships

Prior to being awarded scholarships from NNU, you must apply and be accepted for admission to the University. If you have not applied to NNU, we encourage you to apply online. Your application for admission is your application for scholarships at NNU.

Charles & Maxine Skaggs Foundation Scholarship


The Charles & Maxine Skaggs Foundation Scholarship is for UNDERGRADUATE or GRADUATE students majoring in social work or other healthcare-related field, especially those students who are intent on serving the underprivileged or are themselves underprivileged.  Please see the application for specific qualifications.

Click here for the Charles & Maxine Skaggs Foundation Scholarship application.  Please print, sign, and turn in to the Office of Financial Aid.  

Early Action Scholarship

To be eligible for the Early Action Scholarship, prospective students must be accepted to NNU (see the requirements at and submit a $250 tuition deposit. Students must complete this by the following deadlines to be considered for the following Early Action Scholarship amounts:

  1. December 1, 2015:  Accepted students who submit the $250 tuition deposit by December 1, 2015, will receive a $1,000 Early Action Scholarship and will be able to choose his or her dorm room assignment in the freshman dorm.  He or she will additionally be given first priority among freshman for course scheduling.
  2. February 15, 2016:  Accepted students who submit the $250 tuition deposity by February 15, 2015, will receive a $500 Early Action Scholarship and the additional benefits mentioned above.

Academic Scholarship

The 2016-2017 Academic Scholarship is given to incoming freshmen who display excellence in academic achievement.  This scholarship is determined based upon a student's cumulative GPA and highest ACT or SAT score (both GPA and a test score are required to receive this award). This scholarship must be applied to tuition costs.

Renewal is based upon maintaining an NNU cumulative GPA of at least 2.5, consult the Office of Financial Aid for more details.
2016-2017 Academic Scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria:

$14,000 - President's Scholarship​
ACT 30+, SAT 1980+, and GPA 3.5+ OR 
ACT 27+, SAT 1800+ and GPA 4.0+

$13,000 - Dean's Scholarship
ACT 27+, SAT 1800+, and GPA 3.25+ OR
ACT 23-26, SAT 1560-1790, and GPA 4.0+​

$11,000 - Wesley Scholarship
ACT 23-26, SAT 1560-1790, and GPA 3.25+ OR
ACT 18-22, SAT 1270-1550, and GPA 4.0+​

$10,000 - Riley Scholarship
ACT 23+, SAT 1560+ and GPA 3.0 OR 
ACT 19-22, SAT 1330-1550, and GPA 3.25+

Need-Based Grants

Students who demonstrate financial need could be eligible for a need-based grant. These grants are based on a percentage of need as determined by the FAFSA, and amount of aid already provided to the student either from outside sources or from institutional aid such as those listed on this page.

Nazarene PK/MK Grant

A reduction of tuition is available for dependent children of active, full-time pastors, chaplains, evangelists or missionaries serving the Church of the Nazarene. This scholarship must be applied to tuition costs.

Other Denomination PK/MK Grant

A reduction of tuition may be available for dependent children of active, full-time pastors, chaplains, evangelists or missionaries whose primary income is based on a career serving a church that is not Nazarene. This scholarship must be applied to tuition costs.

Mission Aviation Fellowship Grant

A reduction of tuition may be available for dependent children of MAF missionaries and Local MAF staff. This scholarship must be applied to tuition costs.

NNU Matching Scholarships

NNU offers matches to some awards for eligible students who fit specific criteria as detailed below. We encourage students to speak with their church for specific eligibility requirements.

Trustee Matching Scholarship: A full-time student whose local church awards funds for his or her use in paying University costs will be eligible to receive matching funds on the church's initial $350 contribution. This match is up to 7:1 from Nazarene churches in the Northwest Educational Region, and up to 4:1 for Nazarene churches outside the Northwest Educational Region.  

The following local non-Nazarene churches receive up to a 4:1 match:  

- Capital Christian Center
- Boise Calvary Chapel
- Cole Community Church
- Crossroads Community Church
- Eagle Christian Church
- Deer Flat Free Methodist Church
- All Treasure Valley Friends Churches

All other churches receive a 1:1 match.

NNU will match a church award for two semesters each school year, until work is completed on the first bachelor's degree for a traditional full-time undergraduate student. This scholarship must be applied to tuition costs.

NYI and Regional Main Event scholarships*Awards given to students in recognition of excellence in various areas of talent as well as quizzing competitions within the district (NYI) and/or Region (Main Event) each year. NYI awards can be won at a local or national (Q or NYC) level.

The student should present a copy of each award to the NNU Financial Aid Office so that the scholarship(s) can be included as part of the students overall financial aid offer. Students must be accepted for admission and be full-time undergraduate, degree seeking, currently enrolled students at NNU in order to receive these awards. Any other conditions for use appear on the certificate.

*The NYI and NYC/Q scholarships contain specific directions for the student to follow in order to request that the NYI portion of the funds be sent to NNU (this usually requires a written request from the student to someone within the NYI organization). Once these funds are received, NNU will match these scholarships on a 1:1 basis (up to $500 per academic year). Regional Main Event scholarships are awarded at face value.

Christian Education Partner High Schools

Students who attended a Christian Education Partner high school and earned a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher are eligible for this scholarship. Students are awarded an NNU annual scholarship of $5,000 for up to four years dependent on the years the student attended the high school. One year of attendance at the high school equals one year of NNU Christian Education Partner High School Scholarship. To find out if your Christian High School participates in this program, use our Net Price Calculator or call the Office of Financial Aid at (208) 467-8638.

Community Scholarships Awarded By NNU

NNU is proud to support our community and churches through other scholarships offered at events such as the Harvest Classic, various auctions to help with fundraising for schools and churches, scholarship recognition programs, and many others. Students must be accepted for admission and be full-time, traditional undergraduate, degree seeking, currently enrolled students at NNU in order to receive these awards. Any other conditions for use appear on the certificate.

Other Scholarships

The Engineering Excellence Scholarship is a $3,000 Engineering Excellence add-on to the NNU $14,000 President’s Scholarship for a total of $17,000. It is renewable for up to four years with a qualifying GPA. Please visit the Engineering Department webpage for application.

Ministerial scholarships are available through the School of Theology and Christian Ministries. These scholarships are available to students at NNU with a major and minor in the School of Theology and Christian Ministries and is a member of the Church of the Nazarene. Please visit the School of Theology and Christian Ministries webpage for more information.

Music scholarships are available for both major and non-major students, and are dependent upon an audition. Please visit the Department of Music's scholarship webpage for more information.